Unisciti a noi

The group offers the possibility of getting closer to the Neurophysiology and Movement Analysis world to pre- and post-lauream students, working on a clinical environment and developing research projects together with the team members.
The team continuously offers thesis projects under the supervision of prof. Alessandra Del Felice, and co-supervised by one or more Bioengineers, granting an education to multidisciplinary approaches from the very beginning of the students' careers.

Contact us

Lab e-mail address: neuromove.rehab@unipd.it
Alessandra Del Felice (alessandra.delfelice@unipd.it)
Emanuela Formaggio (emanuela.formaggio@unipd.it)
Roberto Di Marco (roberto.dimarco@unipd.it)
Maria Rubega (maria.rubega@unipd.it)

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